Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation finds home

Minister Elioda Tumwesigye with some of the UNCST Board members after their meeting in his office

The newly created Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has found a home. The ministry will be hosted at the Science and Technology House in Ntinda a suburb of Kampala, which is also the Headquarters of the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST).

The UNCST is Uganda’s main authority that is charged with promoting and regulating science and technology activities in the country.

While at Ntinda, the new minister of STI, Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye was treated to warm welcome remarks and pleasantries by the UNCST Board, Management and staff.

The UNCST’s Executive Director Dr. Peter Ndemere welcomed Dr. Tumwesigye saying: “Honourable Minister we admire your profile as a distinguished medical doctor with a wealth of experience, plus your significant and outstanding contribution to combating HIV/AIDS. We congratulate you upon being appointed the first Minister for Science, Technology, and Innovation.”

UNCST’s Board Chairperson Dr. Theresa Sengooba also congratulated the Minister on becoming the first STI Minister. She encouraged Dr. Tumwesigye to revive the Millennium Science Initiative (MSI) project or any similar funding, to spur sound innovation. The MSI was a multi-million dollar project jointly funded by the World Bank and the Government of Uganda, and executed by the UNCST. The project nurtured multi-sectoral innovations with the potential to economically transform Uganda.

Tumwesigye, an epidemiologist and a seasoned researcher, thanked the UNCST for the ‘palpable love’ exhibited at his reception. He pledged a harmonious working relationship, and to address STI challenges proactively.

Whilst addressing the UNCST staff who will also serve as temporary ministry staff, Dr. Tumwesigye commended the management of the UNCST for helping with the establishment of the Science and Technology Committee of Parliament; and for constructing the Science and Technology (S&T) House, calling these ‘laudable achievements’.

A statement from UNCST has also indicated that among the immediate tasks the new minister will oversee is the amendment of the UNCST Act in order to clarify the mandates of the two different institutions; the Ministry and the Council.


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